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CBD Capsules and Tablets

    People have the chance of getting various health benefits as a result of using cannabidiol oil (CBD). Some of the benefits of using cannabidiol include treating health problems such as anxiety, acne, anorexia, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, high blood pressure, insomnia, muscle spasms, and Parkinson’s disease. The effectiveness of cannabidiol oil (CBD) lies on other drugs that you take with cannabidiol.

    CBD and drug interactions

    It is common knowledge that some drugs interact well with each other to benefit the body, whereas other medications don’t work well to help the body. CBD can interact with various medicines but is limited by its property of inhibiting the Cytochrome P450, which is an enzyme used in the metabolism of 60% of the drugs.

    CBD effects on the Cytochrome P-450 System

    Cannabidiol can significantly inhibiting the CYP2D6 and CYP3A4, thus altering the way your body absorbs the components of drugs. This decreases the strength of a drug, thus reducing its impact on the body of a person. It is essential to consult an expert such as a doctor on the drugs that can or cannot be taken with cannabidiol.

    Drugs that should not be taken with cannabidiol

    Some of the drugs that you should avoid taking with cannabidiol oil (CBD) are those that use the   CYP450 system: these drugs include:

    1. Anesthetics
    2. Antibiotics
    3. Beta-blockers
    4. HIV antivirals
    5. Steroids
    6. Calcium channel blockers
    7. Immune modulators
    8. Anti-psychotics
    9. Any other medication using the CYP450 system.

    Ways of using CBD

    CBD comes in various forms to the users. These forms include creams, liquid oil, water, dried fruits, and soft gel capsules. The effect caused by using cannabidiol oil (CBD) depends on the method used to take the oil. Applying CBD on the skin may have a slower effect than ingesting it. It takes about 2 hours to intake CBD upon ingesting it whereas it may take more if applied. People who vape the substance instantly feel its effects since its directly absorbed in its bloodstream.