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Cannabidiol oil

    As CBD continues to gain the attention of more people, they may wonder how long the CBD stays in their system. Probably, you’re also wondering the same thing since you’re reading this article. Before answering this question, it is essential to answer another question which includes the length of time needed for cannabidiol to take effect in your system and whether CBD will show up in a drug test.

    How long does it take for cannabidiol to start working on your body?

    The time needed for CBD to take effect in your body depends on the mode of ingestion used. Vaping CBD takes the least time to be effective in the body compared to other methods of ingesting CBD since CBD vape is directly ingested to the bloodstream. Topicals, edibles, and sublingual oil may take five to ten minutes to be effective. The effects of cannabidiol, however, last about three to four hours. 

     Factors determining how long CBD stays in the body.

    Some significant factors determining how long CBD stays in a person’s body include lifestyle, body weight, gender, frequency of use, and dosage.

    • The larger the dosage, the more the time it will take to leave your system.
    • The more the fat in the body, the more it will take to leave the system.
    • Active people will remove CBD in the system faster than those not active e.g., exercising.
    • Higher CBD usage frequency means more time to leave the system.

    How long does CBD take to leave the system?

    Depending on the factors mentioned above, it takes between one and two weeks to remove CBD compounds from your system entirely.

    Does CBD show up in various drug tests?

    Cannabidiol is unique from other marijuana-related compounds because it does not have THC components which make a person high. High-quality cannabidiol has no THC content meaning it won’t show up on any drug test that you take.