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Restaurants Start Serving CBD Infused Food

    With CBD becoming ever so popular these days with it being infused in ice cream, coffee, creamer, etc, is it inevitable that CBD become a part of a menu at a restaurant?

    CBD has been known to help as a sleeping aid, anxiety and other aliments. This is why a lot of people are waiting for this in their food and drinks. There are many CBD in food restaurants, and CBD infused drinkthat have Government in a tizzy.

    For people, this means they are adding it up in everything from carbonated drinks to CBD ice-cream and even the gummy bears. These will often promise you to make you feel better and even healthier. It can do things like cancel out the effects of coffee when it is mixed with it. Additionally, it can also cancel out the results of other chemical compounds such as the THC.

    Because there is a stigma to cannabis, the CBD in food, and CBD in drinks is not allowed. While this contradicts the nature of CBD as proclaimed by the World Health Organization who issued a report about how “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile…” but organizations like the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) still does not allow the extensive use of it outside some of the realms. WHO even goes on to say things like “… To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

    While it is true that hemp, is not banned for production, FDA still stated products that say they have therapeutic effects could not be sold until and unless the agency has approved them. Naturally, most restaurants are not able to do this because of the time constraints involved, and people’s chance for getting that CBD fix (which is not a ‘high’) is also gone.

    Currently, there are drinks on the market infused with CBD. Ben & Jerry’s just announced their new CBD flavor. What’s next? I guess we shall see!

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