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    As the world becomes collectively more mindful about their mental and physical well-being, practicing meditation has skyrocketed among individuals across any and all demographics. Anecdotal and clinical research abounds in support of a wide range of benefits from regular meditation practice.

    Like meditation, CBD oil has also seen a similar increase in usage and awareness of these products and their potential benefits. With the combined potential benefits and synergistics effects of CBD oil and meditation together, individuals may find several reasons to integrate CBD oil usage into their regular meditating routine.

    Meditation, at its essence, involves little more than being still and attempting to quiet the mind. Such a practice can be difficult for many at first, particularly in today’s world of over stimulation, stressors, and collective distractions. Some individuals also struggle to meditate and quiet their mind due to factors like pain and discomfort or other physical medical ailments.

    CBD is known to promote physical relaxation of the muscles, which may alleviate some acute and chronic pain that prevents individuals from clearing their mind and relaxing into a meditative state. CBD also has calming and relaxing effects on the mind and a person’s consciousness. Even without physical pain, many people struggle to clear their mind during meditation due to a stream of seemingly ceaseless thoughts that distract from the focusing and centering process. CBD can help an individual slow down their thoughts and calm their mind to make it easier to enter a deeper meditative state.

    Especially for beginners, meditation can be a confusing a frustrating habit to adopt. The more cluttered a mind is with thoughts, the more difficult it can be to relax and meditate. But these are also the minds that stand to potentially benefit the most from the peace and rest that meditation can offer an overactive consciousness.

    CBD can help alleviate some of the anxiety that mediators find themselves dealing with as they first learn and establish their personal meditation routines. CBD also may also regulate your mood providing just enough lift to motivate you to start or continue your meditation practice if you hit a mental wall.

    With regular meditation practices comes mental blocks, but also an outpouring of emotions as practitioners explore their emotions and experiences and unlock memories and their hidden meanings. As such memories and emotions can be overwhelming at times, they could hinder an individual’s ability to stick with their personal meditation routine.

    Some argue that the whole point of meditation is to practice centering and calming the mind, and that CBD may hinder that part of the spiritual growth process. Still others suggest that the ultimate and long-term benefits of a meditation practice outweigh the details behind the practice itself, whether that includes CBD, whole cannabis, or otherwise.

    As with any nutritional supplement or change to your nutritional and dietary routine, consult your doctor or health care provider about using CBD oil. After some experimentation, you may find that using CBD oil while you meditate can help you connect more deeply with your higher self – without getting high.